What’s the Joker cards? What does that mean?

Joker cards are no stranger to black red gambling enthusiasts. So what’s this card? What does it mean in the cardboard? Together with Milyon88.com.ph find out the article below to get the perfect answer for yourself!

The origin of the Joker card

The official card Joker appeared in the 1960s and stems from Euchre – a popular game from the Americas. A few years later, American Euchre Players upgraded, improved the Joker, and that’s where it came from.

The origin of the Joker card


A Western set of 52 cards has two Jokers. One leaf is black, and one leaf has more color pigmentation. These two cards are easy to identify in the Western set because they don’t have a numeric figure, which is the same as the other cards. Instead, there’s a picture of a clown in the middle of a card that’s weird and intriguing.

However, Joker’s design style is becoming more and more abundant. There are some cards that don’t look like clowns, but they use other images. As long as they are different from the rest of the cards, no number and substance symbols are called Jokers.

Most card games have Jokers disabled, only a few variations of the 25-card game use and recognize the role of the Joker. To better understand the role of the Joker in these types of cards, read below.

The impressive meaning of the Joker card

Most people think the Joker card is invalid, it doesn’t work in the game. But no one knew that this card was very special. You can refer to it below:

The cards in the Western set usually match a certain number of points, and the Joker is no exception. A lot of people have a Joker card for a point. Therefore, a total of 52 cards will have 365 points. Statue for 365 days of the year, and 52 cards are the number of weeks in a year. These robots are the symbols of the four spring, fall, fall and winter. The Joker card symbolizes day and night.

In other card games like Euchre, Canasta, etc., the Joker represents the highest, most important chess player, which determines whether you can withdraw money from someone else to your pocket.

And in some other games like Tarot, the clown cards symbolize naivety, stupidity.

Joker Card Applications

With some of the best-known card games in Vietnam like advance, ginseng, three trees, fern, solitary,….So the Joker card is known as a decorative card, with no role. But for the other games, it’s very special. You can refer to it below:

joker cards

With popular game variations, Joker plays the following roles:

  • Eurche: The Joker is the highest card in the series, used to refer to Benny.
  • Canasta: The Joker symbolizes a free card, you use it without following any rules. Not only that, when paired with the others, the Joker is counted as 50 points.
  • Tarot: The military card plays the role of the moment, compared to The Fool. Besides, it is perceived as the beginning of life. Understanding is simply innocence, stupidity to risklessness.
  • Chase the Joker: Symbolic as the Ass in Vietnam.
  • Hearts: The Joker card is the special card, the most important.
  • War: Joker as a supreme force, far beyond any other card.
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In addition to the above card games, the role of the Joker card is relatively limited. The Joker only uses a statue like the Assyrian, or an extra card to keep in the lobby.

If there’s no limit on the number of trees, the Joker will have incredible power. It turns a pair into a set of three trees, raising the quarter into a precious grain with the highest power. Or in some other games, the Joker is only used as a card dealer.


Here’s all the details of the Joker card, as well as the significance of the card. I hope it will help you to understand some of this intriguing, impressive card. Don’t forget to visit Milyon88 to experience an exciting card game with a great opportunity to make money!

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